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Administrative and Accounting System for small and intermediate business management, works in the cloud and it could be installed on PCs (Windows 10+, Mac 10.14+ and Ubuntu 18.4+) and mobile devices (Android 9.0+ and iOS 10.0+)

On Site Sales & routes

Set seller routes and manage sells & stock info on a isolated/grouped way, you will be able to configure it as you go (Strict Stock, allow/disable client creation), create invoices and deposits on site and don’t be worry about Internet, it works on off line mode and will be synchronized as soon as detects an stable Internet connection 

Clients & Suppliers

Manage clients and suppliers database, add discounts that will directly apply on invoices, set routes for “on site” sells, manage accounts, deposits and left amounts, and more

Stocks & Warehouses

Manage isolated product stocks, create and manage warehouses and stock movements between them, set in/out product stock and tracking them, and more


Create invoices, sets multiple payment options (Cash, credit or credit/debit card), manage product stocks, set taxes and discounts (By invoice and also by client), use barcodes (You can use existent or create new ones), print receipts (You can set it for 60-80mm mobile printers or traditional ones), and all this can be performed by PC and also Smartphones or Tablets.

Buys & Pays

Create and manage supplier buys (It will increase related products Stock), track cash box in/outs, set buying taxes, and more

Real time tracking & Dashboard

Manage your business directly from your PC and Mobile Device (Smartphone/Tablet) with real time tracking of cash innings, cash outgoings, products near to be out of stock, and others, by days, weeks, months and Subsidiary/Warehouse. Also you will be able to create reports on PDF an Excel files

...Driver's Infraction Courses...

Administrative and Accounting System for CIA (Traffic Infracts Attention System), that works in the cloud and it could be installed on PCs (Windows 10+, Mac 10.14+ and Ubuntu 18.4+)


Cloud environment to manage small and large companies payrolls


Set to manage multiple enterprises or subsidiares from one account


Enrolls employees contracts and all the related info


Record every employee contract newnesses of different types like absences, days off, among others


Print all related information and generate documents like montly payroll, national documents validation, among others