Our team is very capable and is ready to set, design, perform and manage your IT projects

IT - Outsourcing - Consultancy - Graphic Design - Marketing

Our services includes resources analysis and selection - Two ways training - Planning - Project Management (Scrum), to ensure a complete control on every project phase

IT Management


Human resources and project management

Project analysis and design from specialists in the matter, we emphasis the quality and expertise of our team for every kind of project



We set, manage and distribute platforms like VPS, AWS, AZURE, GCP, cPanel among us, we also manage and distribute Apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and its Test Releases distribution Firebase and TestFlight. We also manage automation tools like Jenkins and Fastlane


Web Design and Development - UI/UX

Web Apps Design and Development oriented to mobile first and REST APIs with oAuth or JWT security features for cross platform frontends

We design and perform graphic pieces for Web Apps, Social Networks or even cross platform technologies on mobile Apps


Desktop & Mobile Design and Development

Native mobile development on Java/Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) also Cross platform development on Flutter and Ionic

Desktop cross platform development (Windows 10+, Mac OS, Ubuntu 18+) on Flutter



Documentation and reviewing on projects execution, issue management, version control, and fast development methodologies implementation (Scrum, SAFe)



We design and perform digital and physical campaigns to provide professional advertising with pieces specially designed to it